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Reino Unido fora da UE! Já!

O "Daily Expres" continua com a sua cruzada. Leiam, leiam, para não alegarem ignorância sobre o assunto. Ah, e já agora, leiam também as cartas dos leitores, que esclarecem de uma forma ainda mais clara o conteúdo dos artigos e a mente dos ilhéus.
Quando eu era miúdo existia uma musiquinha com a seguinte letra:

If you wanna go
It's alright
If you wanna go
Go now, or else, you gonna stay all night.

Cumpra-se como nele se contém!

Leiam esta pérola:

Esta foi a primeira página de ontem (dia 26), a de hoje, cuja transcrição segue é igualmente interessante:


Pressure is mounting for Britain to break free from Brussels.

Saturday November 27,2010
By Daily Express Reporter

BRITAIN could quit the European Union virtually overnight to herald a new era of independence and freedom, campaigners declared yesterday.
Supporters of the fast-growing Daily Express crusade for an exit from EU control insisted that a simple parliamentary vote at Westminster would be enough to end nearly four decades of Brussels meddling.

They poured scorn on Britain is now so tied in, departure is impossible. Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: “It would be relatively straightforward. The idea it would be a hugely complex process is just not true.”

New rules attempting to stop nations quitting the EU were introduced three years ago under the controversial Lisbon Treaty. A new two-year departure process was introduced in a bid to discourage any bolt for the exit door as support for the union sank across Europe.

But leading British Euro-sceptics told the Daily Express that a straight decision by MPs and peers to scrap the legislation that established the country’s membership in the first place would be enough to set us free.

Parliament could repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and then defy any attempt by Eurocrats to block the walkout. Mr Carswell said: “There has been lots of secondary legislation passed over the years but that would be swept away by getting rid of the original act.”

Repealing the 1972 Act, introduced under former Tory prime minister Edward Heath, would require a series of votes in the Commons and the Lords, and the Royal Assent.

 But once the parliamentary procedure was complete, EU bosses could do little to stand in Britain’s way. Britain could then negotiate new relations with countries in Europe and around the rest of the world.
Mr Carswell said: “My view is that we should have a bilateral agreement with the EU to ensure freedom of movement of goods and services. “We could also establish new free trade agreements with other nations.”

Under Britain’s unwritten constitution there is no legal requirement for a referendum. But many campaigners believe a nationwide poll would help overcome an inevitable rearguard action by Euro supporters.

Mr Carswell added: “The Foreign Office would be bound to be against,as would much of the judiciary and many corporate interests. A referendum would make it much easier to overcome those vested interests.”

But Edward Spalton, vice-chairman of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, feared any referendum could be manipulated by opponents. Until Lisbon in 2007 there was no official procedure for withdrawal. In a rare example, the Danish territory Greenland quit the EU in 1985 by simply declaring its intention to go.

Mr Spalton said: “There is now a procedure for leaving but it is designed to be so humiliating and disadvantageous few countries would choose it.”

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